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Scenic and Projection Renderings

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Tales of Hoffmann

(Theoretical design)

We descend into the mind of infamous poet E.T.A. Hoffmann as he retells the stories of his three lost loves. As we go deeper, the extent of Hoffmann's neurosis reveals itself as he sinks deeper into his social isolation and self image of a tortured artist.

This live rendering was created through Isadora, and serves as an accurate pre-visualization of a complete projection design.

Mr Burns. A Post Electric Play

(Theoretical design)

Set in a post apocalyptic future, the design explores how cultural relics from the past, are remixed, reinterpreted, (or misinterpreted) and reimagined to fit the needs and the story of those living in the present. The design is chock full of 90s visual references of dead malls and broken American dreams. It evolves into a nostalgic, vaporwave--esque operatic delirium.

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MarkW- Nether Interrogation v10 cx.jpg

The Nether

(Theoretical design)

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As technology has grown, the natural world has been left devastated by its environmental toll. Virtual reality and Human Machine Interface has given rise to many unique social problems. Among them, virtual world offers people a connection to the natural world that no longer exists, making it more enticing than the reality. This begs the question, which is the real world?

MarkW- Nether Hideaway v10 cx.jpg
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