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As You Like it

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Chesapeake Shakespeare Theatre

Projection Designer Mark Williams creates extremely interesting effects for the show. The tiny lag between the live action and concurrent ‘live’ projections of one character enhances that character’s aura of menace and madness.

-Cybele Pomeroy,

"Duke Frederick rules from the balcony of his Brutalist concrete compound, where his demands and decrees are projected on large screens, creating a Big Brother vibe of surveillance and cowardice."

-Colleen Kennedy,

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"Projections, designed by Mark Williams, are a large part of setting mood and place in this production. Initially, when the usurping duke speaks, his face is repeatedly enlarged and projected over the plain, cement building. As he speaks, he is menacingly larger than life. Later, the projections of the forest give a calmer, greener, trippier vibe, and the supreme leader appears again—reformed as an all-powerful, nature god."

-Sue Tilberry,

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